Mission Statement:
My mission is to interact with children
and youth by educating them about good
healthy habits in a simple, friendly and entertaining way


Increase knowledge about health among young generation by encouraging them to reflect on their lifestyle and help them to make good choices in relation to what they eat, how they rest, importance of exercise, benefits of drinking water, ways of avoiding temptation, value of fresh air, that are based on NEW START lifestyle programme from Weimar Institute in US.

A child starts its journey with the Rail Health. The journey includes eight stations where a child learns about good habits and ways of good health prevention by having their own Passport of Able Bodied Toddler.

A child receives a stamp in its Passport after attending each station and participating in playing, listening and learning simple rules about health.

A child receives a Certificate of an Able-Bodied Toddler after visiting all the stations, collecting all the stamps and making declaration of following the healthy lifestyle guidance.


Who can be involved?

Being able to use the workshop with full potential I encourage to use three methods:

Types of workshops

This program is addressed to Nursery, Primary School, After school club, Community Youth Centre, Companies and City Council.

I offer our programme in a place chosen by you. I need approximately 10m over 20m area to put my stalls of the rail stations in place.

Types of meetings

This programme includes series of nine meetings about health at classes or with organised groups. It last around 4-8 hours depends of the group age.

At every meeting I present a different healthy habit by using my own rollups, designed games and other visual products. Children are actively entertained during the lesson.

DIY Exposition (do it by yourself)

For schools I offer a different form of the Rail Health by using the DIY Exhibition. It works in a different way.

The youth from the senior secondary schools are trained to teach youth from the junior secondary schools. First two meetings that last for an hour include a training. Then students teach younger students about the Rail Health for an hour under supervision.

It is a very good educational entertainment. Youth prefers to listen someone who is at their age or crowd. Senior students gain a new experience in a public speech. They learn how to use creativity in gaining interest of the audience. The students have to learn to cooperate with others and overcome difficulties. It is a great opportunity to learn for themselves about healthy lifestyle.


For Mind

  • Example- simple and lively
  • Games- simple and interactive
  • Knowledge- easy and improving quality of life
  • Healthy lifestyle becomes Fundamental
  • Promotes prevention instead of curing

For Heart

  • Inspires good habits
  • Encourages to overcome laziness
  • Children remember easier by using their sensors of touch
  • Gives courage
  • Helps in building relationship between students

Meeting children’s and parent’s expectations are the most important in my programme.


My name is Asia. I designed the Healthy Cho-Cho due to increasing passive lifestyle of children and youth. Sweets, bars, and juices are piled on desk of computer that entertain our children damaging their eyes, and posture. (Promotion of sweets and unhealthy food are at every corner from the kitchen cupboard, schools’ canteen, markets and TV advert.) My desire is to slow or stop this destructive process by entertaining children. Therefore, I organised the Able Bodied Foundation. My main task is to promote healthy lifestyle among children and youth by using the Rail Health programme.

Welcome everyone to support my project!

Thanks to your support I will be able to travel with my own equipment to workshops and offer children entertaining programme

BIK: PL 48 2030 0045 1110 0000 0396 1400

Thank you.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.